Dietary changes to get fair skin

Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. This will help to clear out a toxic load from your body. If your system is clean internally, it would reflect on your skin, too!!

Throughout the day, keep sipping on warm water or plain water. You can also add a few pieces of Amla to your water bottle. Ayurveda calls Amla or Indian gooseberry Maharasayan. It improves your complexion and boosts the Vitamin C levels in your system, which helps to achieve your goal, i.e. become fair in one month.

Start eating lots of fresh fruits as well as vegetable salads. You should particularly eat Papaya, citrus fruits, and Berries.

Take one Vitamin C tablet daily. It helps in improving complexion and help you become fair in one month.

Eat Nutritious Food

The first and foremost factor that defines healthy, glowing skin is your nutritious intake of food. Make sure to include loads of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products in the daily diet for the skin to get glowing from inside. Avoid deep-fried, spicy, packaged, processed foods that can leave the skin look dull, unhealthy, causing sudden breakout of acne, pimples, and blisters.


Drink Plenty Of Water


Dermatologists suggest that nothing works like water in keeping your skin healthy and fair. Guzzle down at least 8 glasses of water daily to flush out toxins from the body, keep you hydrated and provide a natural glow to the skin. Also go for plenty of fresh apples, chicken, banana, and other seasonal fruit milkshakes to help you get a fairer skin tone.


Use Sunscreen


Though we all know about the ill-effects of UV radiation, many of us ignore applying sunscreen while stepping out. Dabble your skin including your face, hands, feet with generous amounts of sunscreen to avoid tan, freckles. A tanned skin masks the naturally fair skin and it takes time to get it back.


Sleep Well


Nothing restores your fairer skin and its natural glow than a good night’s sleep. Make sure to catch sound sleep for 8 hours to avoid skin breakouts, dark circles, and a dull, dark complexion. Ensure to lie down on cleaner bedsheets and pillow covers to avoid skin problems.

Routine Cleansing Detox


A healthy morning schedule is critical to maintaining clear, bright skin. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a little lemon juice and a dash of honey on an empty stomach works wonders in clearing the bloodstream, purifying the liver, kidneys, urinary tract of harmful toxins. Moreover, antioxidant vitamin C in lemon and antimicrobial traits of honey foster smooth, soft, flawless, and radiant skin.


Nourishing Night Creams


Applying a night cream with a light consistency that is packed with skin-friendly ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, emollients like shea butter, olive oil, essential oils of tea tree, rose and peptides visibly enhance skin complexion. Besides getting ample hours of beauty sleep at the end of a long, tiring day, the skin undergoes cell repair and absorbs these nutrients significantly better at nighttime.


Relaxing Oil Massage 


While a full body massage at a spa aids in unwinding after a stressful month at work, which loosens the tight knots in shoulder and back muscles, likewise rubbing in some wholesome argan oil or groundnut oil in circular motions helps to relieve the tension in facial muscles. This in turn improves blood and nutrient circulation, stimulates collagen production for the formation of new, refined skin cells, tissues for a natural refreshed glow.

Besides these steps, follow a skincare regimen regularly to gain a brighter, fairer skin complexion that will stay with you permanently.

There are few steps to be followed only every week

Day 1

  • Follow a skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) every day.

  • From here on, get yourself a soft and gentle cleanser that suits your type of skin. It removes all impurities from your face and must not be too harsh on your skin. Use this cleanser to cleanse your skin properly. After that, apply a toner. This removes all oil and dirt on your skin. After toning, use a moisturizer.

  • Buy a good face pack or glowing mask to give some glow to your face or else you could also try making a natural face pack using ingredients available at home like eggs, baking soda, turmeric powder, curd. Fruit masks also work great on your face.

  • Follow a night care regime to keep your skin radiant. Clean your face well and use a serum or a night care cream.


Day 2

  • On day 2, move your focus to your diet.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables provide minerals and vitamins which are great for your skin.

  • Next, include lots of water, juices, and other fluids in your diet to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

  • Before you go to bed, all makeup must be removed and your face must be cleaned well.

  • Get a cream-based cleanser. It helps remove all makeup. Then, follow the night care regime.


Day 3

  • The next day, exfoliate your skin after the CTM routine. It removes all dead skin cells and keeps your pores clean.

  • Get a face scrub or a sponge to scrub your face well. The dead skin cells are scrubbed off and healthy skin is revealed.

  • Use a rejuvenating face mask and after that, apply a good moisturizer.

  • When you get out in the sun, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays that are so harmful.


Day 4

  • Wake up in the morning to find your face looking healthier. The texture of your face will have improved and you could see a glow. Follow your usual CTM routine first thing in the morning.

  • Pamper your skin well enough on the fourth day by giving your face a good steam bath. It opens up all the pores of your skin that are clogged. When they open up, all impurities, dirt, and oils come out.

  • Dip a cotton ball in rose water and clean your face with it. Rosewater is great for your skin. It cools your skin and gives a natural radiance. Your face will look healthy and fresh after the treatment.

  • Follow the usual night care regime. It makes your skin hydrated and nourished after a good rest at night.


Day 5

  • As every day progresses, you will find your skin getting better and better.

  • Follow the CTM routine first thing in the morning. After you are done with it, take some aloe vera Gel and massage your face with it. You could also use any massage cream instead. This improves blood circulation. Use an under-eye serum to treat dark circles.

  • Use a day cream with SPF content. It makes your skin healthier and protects it from the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Get a good sandalwood face pack to apply in the evening. It makes your skin glow


Day 6

  • Follow the usual CTM routine first and go to the routine for the day.

  • Perform skin exfoliation to remove all impurities. Get some rose water and spray it over your face to refresh your skin and tone it.

  • Make sure you take lots of water, juices, and other fluids. Enough water content makes your body well hydrated and keeps you healthy


Day 7

  • This is the last day of the routine and by now, you could see a huge difference in the texture of your skin. It will have become smoother and must be glowing. As usual, get your CTM routine first.

  • Get a good fruit facial done. A fruit treatment gives a glow and fairness to your face that is natural as it does not contain any artificial chemicals.

  • Use a good sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Of course, the rays of the sun could do a lot of harm to your face, so make sure you do your best to protect your face.

  • Make sure you include lots of water and other fluids in your diet. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin tissues and prevents dehydration. Well-hydrated skin is always healthy