Why Your Chest Isn’t Growing?

The reason your chest isn’t growing is probably because your bench press form is not on point (or you’re not eating enough).

If you’re not doing the exercise correctly, you won’t be activating your chest properly. And then your chest won’t grow. It’s really that simple.


Having strong chest muscles can simply help you move through your daily life with more ease. But what if you want the chest of a Greek god or a superhero? Here are some tips for getting a defined chest.


1. Compound movement first -

Do this to stimulate the highest number of muscle fibers as well as release the maximum amount of testosterone and growth hormone.

2. Work the chest at various angles -

While areas of the chest can’t be isolated, they can be focused on. Be sure to work at various inclines ranging from decline to 45 degrees.

3. Focus on dumbbells rather than barbells -

You’ll get a better range of motion and force the muscle to work harder using dumbbells as opposed to a barbell.

4. Use isolation movements at the end -

once you’ve done your allotted presses for the day, finish up with isolation movements such as flies or cross overs. Work with lighter weights and higher reps for your isolation exercises.

5. Don’t forget your legs and back -

I know this seems weird, but if you truly want chest gains don’t neglect training your legs and back. Heavy leg training promotes testosterone and growth hormone release, which will aid in building a bigger chest. Training the back will ensure that that your posture and posterior to anterior strength remain in balance.

Barbell Bench press -

  • Keep shoulders retracted throughout the entire set.

  • Imagine that you’re pushing your hands together for increased tension on chest

  • Hand placement makes a difference


Incline Dumbbell press -

  • Change angles to hit different muscle fibers

  • Shoulders back to keep tension at the top of the chest

  • Go lighter weight for perfect form


Incline Cable Fly -

  • Vary angle of incline for increasing muscle fibers

  • Have your intention of bringing your elbows together at the top of the movement

  • Cables give your muscles no rest by applying constant tension


Standing Cable Fly -

  • Go lighter weight in order to stop shoulders from keeping forward

  • Stand up right and posture steady

  • Again, try and bring elbows together, just bringing your hands together won’t cut it and will cheat you of your gainz.


Decline Dumbbell Press -

  • Great for getting the outter lower sweep of chest

  • Allows for greater range of motion than barbell press

  • Gives your shoulders back naturally because of the angle of your torso


While these are the 5 exercises that make the cut, We encourages you to go out and explore other movements and see what works best for you. Train hard, train smart, and look great in the aftermath. That’s our philosophy.