• You can just not apply any hair oil thinking that it will curb the hair loss and initiate the hair growth. But it depends on which oil you are using. Some oils are not for the growth purpose but mainly focus on the dryness of the hair or some other issues reading the hair fall. So, what are the qualities of good hair growth hair oil?

  • The oil should be herbal as chemical-loaded products are not that effective or they have adverse effects in the long run.

  • Hair oils should be Ayurvedic and should be able to induce the new hair follicles.

  • They should also promote re-growth. Now, what is the difference between hair growth and re-growth of hair?

  • Well, Hair growth means the increase of the hair lengthwise. While re-growth means growing the hair back from the shed follicles. Like when a hair is shed then it is said to grow back.

  • Such oils should also be herbal that can control the hair fall and should deep condition the scalp. When your hair falls is not under control then naturally your hair volume will below.

  • Another quality should be that these hair oils must deep condition your hair and roots. Rough and dry hair is prone to breakage. Have you noticed that when your hair is rough they break more? Yes, this is why good hair oils should be deeply conditioning.

  • Now the most important point, which are the best ingredients we need to look for in the good growth hair oils?

  • The ingredients like also, Brahmi, bhringraj, hibiscus, neem are ingredients or herbs that are responsible for making the hair get back from the roots faster

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works wonders on curly hair, providing much-needed moisture and sealing the hair cuticle to prevent frizz and split ends–but the benefits don’t stop there. If you have thin or fine hair or are currently experiencing hair loss, coconut oil can slow down that process and prevent breakage thanks to its unique makeup of fatty acids, which can penetrate deep within the hair shaft. You can also use it as an oil treatment to clear away product build-up (a known inhibitor of hair growth) and soothe a dry scalp, which makes it a great option for those who suffer from dandruff.

We broke down exactly how to use coconut oil in your hair here. To reap the benefits of this moisturizing oil and tame frizzy hair, your best bet is to use it as a hair treatment mask or apply it to wet hair. 

If you don’t have coconut oil on hand, you can also try a product that already contains coconut oil, like the MARC ANTHONY TRUE PROFESSIONAL 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner. “This is so great. I love this for my thin but curly hair. It doesn't leave me oily the next day,” raves one Napster.


2. Olive Oil

If you have dry hair or split ends, you can make your strands look smooth and healthy with this kitchen staple. It’s no secret that heat styling can hinder hair growth, but olive oil works as a heat protectant and creates a shield around the natural keratin found in your tresses thanks to a combination of antioxidants, vitamin E, and oleic acid. It’s also made up of anti-inflammatory properties that assist in treating dandruff.

Serve up a major dose of hydration with a pre-wash treatment. Warm olive oil and apply throughout the hair, from scalp to ends, before you shower. Secure hair with a warm towel for 20 minutes then shampoo as usual. You can also reach for the PETER LAMAS Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra Smoothing Conditioner. A combination of olive oil, vitamin B5, sandalwood extract, and barley extract repair dry, damaged hair while amino acids strengthen hair against future damage.

3. Argan Oil

If you’re looking for an oil that can smooth split ends and protect your hair from heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays, you should reach for argan oil. “Compared to other oils, it’s lighter, so it’s suitable for most hair types,” says Tippi Shorter, celebrity hairstylist. It’s a split-end savior, sealing the cuticle and preventing further damage thanks to a nourishing combination of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. 

Work a few drops of argan oil on dry, styled hair to smooth down split ends, or try the BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask. “This product is the only thing that saved my hair,” says one Napster. “Fantastic even on fine hair,” raves another.

4. Almond Oil

If you want to strengthen your tresses and combat breakage, look no further than almond oil. “Almond oil can help strengthen as well as moisturize,” says Shorter, which makes it ideal for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair that’s currently compromised. If you feel like you just can’t get the length of your hair where you want it, it might be time to incorporate almond oil into your hair care. Not only does it contain vitamin E, proteins, and antioxidants, but it’s also packed with magnesium, which miraculously reduces hair breakage and promotes hair growth. 

Create an overnight mask for much-needed nourishment. Rinse out when you shampoo the following morning. You can also reach for a product that already contains almond oil, like the AVEDA Cherry Almond Softening Conditioner. If you have long hair this hydrating conditioner will help detangle and strengthen, leaving you with softer, shinier hair strands. 

5. Rosemary Oil

If you want to stimulate hair regrowth and promote a healthy scalp, rosemary oil can work wonders. A small study from 2015 found that after using rosemary oil on the scalp for six months, it proved to be as effective as minoxidil (the ingredient found in popular and proven hair growth products). It also has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that help soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. 

You can create a DIY treatment with olive oil and rosemary leaves. Heat the oil and allow leaves to marinate until the mixture is cool. Strain to remove the leaves and apply as an overnight mask.


If you don’t have time to create a concoction, try the SOO'AE Soothe Tea Tree Rosemary Hair Mask. A combination of tea tree and rosemary oil cleanses the scalp and removes product build-up to deliver major moisture and it’s suitable for all hair types, including sensitive scalps. 

6. Tea Tree Oil

If you’re prone to oily hair, you may think hair oil isn’t the answer to hair growth, but that’s not the case. The same way tea tree oil can help you achieve a clear complexion by clearing out dead skin cells and bacteria that cause acne, it can also unplug hair follicles and sebum, all while increasing hair growth and clearing up any scalp issues thanks to a combination of cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. 

Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo bottle and use it daily for optimal results. Use daily. You can also reduce irritation with the BRIOGEO HAIR CARE Scalp Revival charcoal + tea tree scalp treatment, which detoxifies and removes product buildup, all while soothing itchy, flaky scalp issues.

To get the complete benefits, you should always try these oils with some suggestion, like these:

  1. Apply the oils at night, doing so will help to get better absorption.

  2. Massaging is crucial, do you know that massaging will improve the circulation of the blood. This will further boost the hair follicles which are dormant and as a result of new follicles will erupt.

  3. Gentle massaging with the finger pads will increase blood flow which enhances hair regrowth. Moreover, this process will cure hair fall and hair loss.

  4. Application of such herbal hair oils should be at least 2-3 times in the evening because if you will use this just once in a month or as a week, then the results will not be much. Therefore the frequency of application should be increased.


The next day, you can wash the hair with herbal shampoo and conditioner.

These were the best hair growth hair oils in India that you must try to get the hair back. Moreover, follow the tips mentioned above to achieve the results faster. These can be used by men and women who are facing extreme hair fall, hair loss, and wish to get the formation of new hair.